1. How’s the dust?

All of our equipment is the latest in dust containment, along with our technicians that pay close attention to clean up. Will our customers be left with dust, yes, but we gage about an 80% dust containment.

2. Do we work consecutive days?

Yes, Epic Floors works each day till completion of job.


3. Does Epic Floors move furniture?

No, we do not move furniture.

4. How does Epic Floors give customers samples of stains for the sanding and finishing process?

Epic Floors will do samples on the customers floor, so they can get the true stain color with the customers colors, lighting in the home.

5. How do you handle dissatisfaction?

A Epic Floors owner addresses customer concerns and dissatisfaction immediately with the customer.

6. I Have Pet Stains On My Hardwood Floors, Can You Fix It?

Cleaning pet accidents when they are fresh is the key to maintaining your hardwood floors. If cleaning with the steps outlined in the next section doesn’t fix the problem area, then the urine has probably soaked into your flooring and more serious hardwood floor restoration work will be required. We are confident in our ability to conquer most pet stains, but contact us to determine the severity of your stain.

7. I Have a Few Really Deep Scratches, Do I Need Resurfacing or Refinishing?

We’ll walk you through the benefits of each service to make sure you choose the right fit your wants and needs. A deep scratch here and there may not be a bad thing. Some folks call it character, some turn it into a story, some simply don’t see the “value added” with the added expense of removing the deep scars. If you have pets or children, then removing ALL scratches may very well be a temporary thing. Maybe resurfacing is the right direction, maybe all you need to do is to protect your long-term investment. Give us a call and we’ll help you with this. We will not push you into a service that you don’t need.